Oh Crap

It looks like my step-son will be losing our internet connection at the end of the month. I suppose I better make a clean-break this time and finish deleting my postings off of this site. The internet gods that be, will not let me delete the web site, so I will be deleting my postings sometime this month. I suppose if this site attracted clicks they wouldn’t let me do even that. I will try to keep this message, so if you find yourself here, from another link, I am sorry Larry doesn’t live here no more, ha!

I am not sure how Facebook goes, but I will be shutting that site down also, if possible.


Larry Dunbar

One thought on “Oh Crap

  1. This posting has gotten more traffic, on the average, than any I have posted. Considering content, I should have started posting like this long ago, ha!

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