Dunbar: Space and Time

The reason Einstein couldn’t finish his work on gravity or some grand theory to tie the relationship between sub-atomic particles and the larger world together was his faith. I am not speaking of his faith in God. If we are in God’s image, to believe in God doesn’t take faith, only sight. No, Einstein’s hang-up was his faith in science. In that sense, Einstein was a true-believer, and this true belief was in something that exists, and this biased him against finishing his work.

I was on Facebook the other day discussing time and space with my niece, Denise. I threw-out an equation, which I called the Dunbar equation, E=M(d)M(t). It shows the relationship between d (distance) and t (time) in the equation E=mc2. The Dunbar equation theorizes that m (mass) and c (velocity) are both, or can become, mass (perhaps we should label them both space or time depending on which dimension we are talking about, ha).

The small m (mass) is Mass when at maximum acceleration and zero velocity, while c (velocity of light) can become Mass at maximum velocity and zero acceleration. What the Dunbar equation didn’t show was that gravity (g) is between both Masses, and it is the structure created by the relationship between both masses that builds the structure for gravity to exist. I don’t know how to write this “new” equation but it would look similar to this: E=M(d)(g)M(t). The structure of g (g(s)) would look something like this: g(s)=M(d/t). Of course the slope can be either negative or positive depending on the relationship between distance and time.

What the, so called, Dunbar equation really means is that space and time are interchangeable, and it really doesn’t matter if this relationship is on the sub-atomic or the atomic level, gravity holds them a part.

A particle wave is a good example. The “particle” is the “gap” (g) in the relationship between the two dimensions of time and space, while the “wave” is the “Mass” in the relationship between the two dimensions. Gravity is simply what holds these two dimensions apart, and is created by the relationship of the two dimensions themselves.

As I told my niece, there is no “time” machine, but we should be able to see the future as well as the past. Only the past is not transparent. The bias of the past, which is present in all of us humans, combined with the feedback we receive from the future, clouds our vision of the future.

With the arrival of the internet, and particularly cloud computing, this could all change. The two masses (M(d)M(t) would be able to exist at the same time in the cloud and could be accessed through quantum computing, once a quantum computer is actually built (the chance of this happening is near zero).

In that case, my niece could talk to her great great great grandson and vice a versa, as long as they are both in the cloud and the cloud is accessed as a quantum of energy. But then that is another story.

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