Dunbar on the Middle East

As I have posted before, war is developing East and West between un-like people, but is being fought, North and South by like-people. The Middle East is a good representation of this phenomenon.

Arabs divide themselves as to those East of Egypt and those West of Egypt. I don’t know what this division is based on, but if I understand correctly, they believe those East are un-like those of the West. Genetically they are all Arabs, it is simply the part of genetics that is programed from the advantage the Arab takes from their environment that makes them different, East and West.

I don’t know that much about the environment on the East and West of Egypt, but the difference seems to be in the logic in the movement of Arabs, and those other peoples who lie East and West of each other. Those people North and South have similar environment, in which it gets colder the farther north you go and warmer the farther south. This phenomenon repeats itself  inversely at the southern hemisphere, where there are land masses. Because the world spins, pressure ridges form north and south that separate those east and west (think oceans as inverse ridges). The difference between the two, east and west, are caused by the environments that forms as the word spins.

Those of the East seem to follow the Eastern logic of the benevolent leader, while those of the West follow the logic of the strong father. They have taken on this logic because of the particular advantage it holds to the environment they observe.

The Eastern logic is more linear, while the Western is more non-linear. The benevolent leader forms attractive and repulsive forces that produce friction when they “slide” by one another. On the other hand, the strong father forms forces, of command and control, that are perpendicular to each other. The friction in the strong father is controlled by the vertical force of command.

Within the logic of the strong father, perpendicular forces form an area called a plane. This creates an exponent (area squared)  in the movement.
The exponent is commanded by the vertical perpendicular force, and controlled by the horizontal perpendicular force.

The Eastern logic forms forces of attraction and repulsion, which are added and subtracted linearally. The logic of a benevolent leader forms a sum of forces, which create the potential for movement when the sum is not zero. When the sum of the forces in the Eastern society are not zero, a center of gravity forms that attracts or repulses outside forces.

In the Middle East the forces of benevolentness are fighting the strong fathers. What this means to those of us in the USA is that the strong fathers will fight with the weapon they have always used, the price and availability of oil. We will see how those East and West in the USA react. We are becoming a society of benevolent leaders, but there is still some sentimental logic of the strong father in place.

2 thoughts on “Dunbar on the Middle East

  1. I don’t know what this division is based on, but if I understand correctly, they believe those East are un-like those of the West.
    I fancy the word Tribalism, however, tribalism and violence conflict in tribal societies can never achieve the absolute scale of civilized warfare. Iraq as a case in point will create many Phds.

  2. I wouldn’t say tribes, but families would be a good description.

    “One characteristic of a democratic society is that there exist independent of the state a multitude of nongovernmental groups and institutions. These include, for example, families, religious organizations, cultural associations, sports clubs, economic institutions, trade unions, student associations, political parties, villages, neighborhood associations, gardening clubs, human rights organizations, musical groups, literary societies, and others.” (Gene Sharp, Albert Einstein Institution) [I added bold font]

    But what technology is really doing in the Middle East is pilling one generation on top of the other, and the dictators are waging generational warfare against this generational movement.

    What is happening in Libya is similar to when “Herod realized that he had been deceived by the astrologers”, and ordered “the massacre of all the boys two years old and under in Bethlehem and its environs” (Matthew, 3). In America we have “lost generations” also but they are “lost” in a non-violent way. While the new social media applications and technology have brought the future of one generation in the Middle East on top of the past generations, the way forward is in jeopardy for those who are forward.

    Kaddafi is waging generation warfare. Similarly, as in Herod’s time, it is 2nd Generational warfare, in which deception and targeting is used to destroy the enemy where it will be, instead of where it is. The same technology used to bring the generations closer together, is used in targeting those generations to come (where they will be).

    That is also why the movement in Iran, after the corrupted elections, didn’t produce a revolution (possibly yet), because the method of distribution, used by the generation to come, was also used by the past generation to target that generation.

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