The Matrix

Of course the war between the East and West that is fought by those in the North and South is a two by two matrix. For those of you who are sentimental by nature, my last post was about Zen’s 2 X 2 matrix that he posted many years ago and possibly several time since. His matrix looked something like this [images didn’t transfer well from Word]:


When people with explicit rules-sets strongly enforce conformity within their society the society tends to become more totalitarian. When these same people with explicit rule-sets weekly enforce conformity within their society (in other words generate diversity), the society becomes more independent. Similarly, for societies who follow implicit rule-sets, when these implicit rule-sets are enforced strongly the society becomes more communal; when they are enforced weakly, anarchy rains. In my last post the matrix would have been re-labeled to look like this:


This is further refined down to:

BenevolentRULE-SETS Strong fatherRULE-SETS

You see the people in the North and south are alike because they were not isolated from each other by natural barriers. They may look different, because their environments require them to change to take advantage of the conditions of their climate. Those in the East and West look the same, because they had to make many of the same changes to take advantage of what their climates had to offer, but they think differently.

The people, east and west, had similar technical problem (pressure ridges or oceans) in their environment, which made it hard to connect with each other. As a result of this isolation, of a mostly technical nature, the East and West think differently.

Because we have many like-people who look differently and many non-like people who think similarly, the society you get depends on the society’s physics, logic, and ethics:

Un-like People
BenevolentRULE-SETS Strong fatherRULE-SETS
Like People North(Mediterranean Sea) TOTALITARIAN(Forces Aligned) COMMUNAL(Strong Father/Mother)
South (Sahara Desert) INDEPENDENT(Division of Forces) (A Tribe of Nations) ANARCHY(Mother/ Father Separated)

The ethics are the internal forces, either aligned or perpendicular (mother and father). In a totalitarian society the forces are aligned opposing each other; in a society of a strong-father the forces are perpendicular, as the mother gives us a horizontal unconditional love that controls and the father gives us a vertical force of command. The rule-sets in a strong-father society are implicit, because of the relationship existing between the mother and father is one of an implicit image. The rule-sets of a benevolent society are explicit because the rule-sets are built on the relationship of opposing forces, which are explicit.

The logic of the society is in how these internal forces are arranged to move. When they are arranged perpendicular they either move as one or are broken apart in anarchy. When the forces are arranged as opposing forces (instead of perpendicular) of repulsion or attraction, you either have a zero-sum of forces, or one of independent forces.

The physics of a society is how the society is structured. The ethics of the society are the building blocks, while the logic is in how these blocks are placed or positioned to take advantage of the environment inside the society. Physics create a third force called a resultant force from the perpendicular forces and from the zero-sum or non-zero-sum of the opposing forces. The resultant force is a force of judgment.

This judgment should be used in the structure of  like-people; when it is not, it is called war.

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