The China Syndrome

I was discussing the possibility of the coming melt-down of the reactor core in Japan, and the possibility of it melting down to the earth’s core (and beyond), with my brother-in-law. He said he didn’t believe in it, the so called China Syndrome.

He said it was the part where the earth had a molten core that bothered him. I told him it just depended on what you thought was melting down. I told him it was probably going to become a nuclear explosion and that what was going to actually hit the molten core was a tsunami type wave and not just a big chunk of molten ore. It would be molten for sure, but it would travel as a distribution of energy (a wave).

While that may be true enough, I am not sure, but what I started thinking about was what was going to happen to the radial velocity as the mass of the core moved “down”. While the nuclear fission would create a place for the mass of the burning core to distribute to (it represents a positive charge), the difference in velocity of the core sitting on the earth’s surface and now towards the core, would need to be dealt with.

A change in velocity divided by a change in time is called acceleration, so the change in the radial velocity as the mass “burned” its way in time towards the core of the earth, would create acceleration that when combined with mass creates force. This force would have to go somewhere. As the faster velocity of the mass at the surface “mingles” with the slower velocity of the mass below it, acceleration (along with force) would be produced in either the opposite or the same direction as the spinning of the earth.

This is sort of like the ice-skater who begins to spin with his/her arms out and slowly brings them next to their bodies. As the arms move closer to the center of the spinning mass of the skater, the skater starts spinning faster, and the earth would have to also spin faster. This could account for the 1.6 micro-second that was added to our clocks the other day, but that really is just speculation on my part. Otherwise the added acceleration, as the nuclear core “burned” towards the center of the spinning earth would have to be accounted for in some other manner.

As mass does not have to move in the direction of force, but simply moves from where it is to where it is able, the wave of the nuclear explosion could move in an arc, either with the rotation of the earth (towards the USA) or opposite of the rotation (more towards Saudi Arabia). The center of that arch (which would represent a negative charge) would be somewhere in outer-space, with the center producing force in the mass of the earth.

I am thinking this is kind of like a dull-knife syndrome, in which the knife turns either: away from the dull-edge—toward the sharp, or away from the sharp-edge—towards the dull. My guess is that it would turn away from the dull edge, which would mean that the acceleration would be added in the direction of the spin, and the melt-down would produce a dull knife that would move in the direction opposite of the spin of the earth. As the high-pressure wave breaks the surface, somewhere possibility in the Middle East, a giant eruption would spill up as the pressure returned to zero and velocity becomes max.

So maybe my brother-in-law is right. There is no such thing as a China Syndrome.

I wish I had a giant super-computer to play with. I would draw this all in AutoCAD, but it would take forever to REGEN.

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