The Last Western Front

With the movement of the East into Honduras (by way of Mega-Cities), the seemly disappearance of Japan from the scene, and benevolence braking-out all across the rest of the world (Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Afghanistan, Nigeria and other Western and Sub-Sahara nations of Africa; Libya (and the fast disappearing Turkey) represents the Last Western Front(s) in the war between the East and West.

It is hard to see this benevolence of the East for what it is, the movement between strong and weak rule-sets, by the use of explicit commands, forming orientations of individuals (when the rule-sets are applied weakly) and totalitarian regimes (when the rule-sets are applied strongly). This benevolence produces only opposing and attracting forces that are often mistaken for a Western movement, of forces perpendicular to each other.

More commonly these “Western” forces are called Mother and Father. In the Western movement the Mother is not weaker than the Father; She is a force perpendicular to the Father and whose direction is commanded by the Father. Together they form a resultant force that is a structural force, you know, kind-a- like a Church.

This “Church” is created as an implicit image, by the structural forces produced as the result of the Perpendicular forces. These perpendicular forces are most often called command and control, i.e. the command forces of the Father and the control forces of the Mother. In some societies these perpendicular forces could be called the Father, the Son, with the result, I assume, the Holy Spirit.

However you name these forces (perhaps gold, silver, and platinum), when the implicit image forms, built upon the result of the perpendicular forces and the implicit rule-sets between them, implicit images of different orientations are created. The type of orientation depends on whether the rule-sets are strongly enforced or weakly enforced. If they are strongly enforced a communal society is formed, when weakly enforced Anarchy breaks out.

It is easy to keep score on who is winning, the East or West. If Anarchy breaks out, as once it was in Iraq, then the West is winning. If a totalitarian regime of benevolence is the result, then the East is winning. Perhaps, in Libya, individualism will break-out, any bets?

It could be that the Church of western “values” is fast disappearing, and Kaddafi was not a benevolent force. Maybe this is not a bad thing?

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