Because the Earth is Round

The Earth is round, so in truth and what my last posting doesn’t say, the East and West don’t exist, except inside us.

When we say “East” there is a spatial-geographical location everyone pictures in their minds, but when you get there, everything is “East” of that location around the Earth, of course except for everything that is “West” of that spatial-geographical location. I used spatial-geographical instead of the normal “geo-spatial” because I believe spatial means the environment and geographical means the structure that holds the environment. I think what is inside the box is more important than the box, so I wrote spatial- geo.

As for the “East” and “West” being in our minds, I am talking literally. The left-side of our brain is designed to handle repulsive and attracting force (or what I am calling the opposing forces of the “East”), while the right-side of our brain is designed to handle forces that are perpendicular to each other (so called perpendicular forces of the “West”). Opposing forces are simple linear forces, while perpendicular non-linear forces are complex. Perpendicular forces are complex because there is a resultant force, because of their structure, and that resultant force takes on its own meaning (magnitude in the power-law of a distribution of energy)to its own life (events in the power-law of a distribution of energy). It is almost like that resultant force is “born”. Perpendicular forces form a force “triangle”.

On the other hand, opposing forces are simple forces. Just picture a gap with forces between the “gap” and holding it open. When one force becomes stronger, than the force opposing it, movement takes place, the “gap” closes. It is almost like something is born or perhaps more accurately, “re-born”. As one can be born into life, one can be re-born in death, there is cause and effect. While opposing forces are simple in implementation, the complexity is in why the stronger force should not move against the weaker, for without the weaker force, the stronger should not exist, except as light.

Light has no opposing (weaker) forces to it, only perpendicular forces inside it. So in order for the stronger force to exist, except as some kind of “wave”, it needs the weaker force, and there lies the complexity. As long as there is a “gap” there is structure. Once the “gap” closes, there is no structure. To take from he who hath nothing everything that he has also destroys that which we would give to he who hath everything. Therefore, he who hath and he who hath not must be perpendicular forces, or never let the gap close between them. What we are trying to close in the world today by our bombing and killing is the gap.

The war between the East and West that is going on in the world today is, like I have been saying, a war between “un-like” people, but these un-like people are as much inside us as they are opposing or perpendicular to us. The problem in the world today is that these “un-like” people are forming attracting and repulsive forces between them, and believe there is away across the gap containing those opposing forces. There isn’t, so we need to stop bombing the hell out of everything to get across that gap.

I guess I need to re-fill our birdbath. Two Jays, one male and one female are out in the Circle in our garden courting each other. I am sure they would like to freshen-up afterwards. The ritual the male is performing is definitely made to attract the female. I think I will stop watching before they become perpendicular, as that would be rude of me.

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