The Oracle

The Oracle

In the war between the East and West, the East is clearly winning. All war is about economic considerations, and the largest economy in the world, the US economy, has gone Eastern.

While the war is between the economies of the East and West, the war is being fought between like people within the economies on both sides. It could be said that the enemies of the economies are not across the gap east and west, but across the gap between like people inside both economies. In other words, the war is raging between the East and West, but is being fought North and South within the two economies.

The like people are represented and divided by those who need the resource of the economy and those people who have all they need and want more. I call the first people those of need, and the second people those of want.

The people are alike except in the past some people wanted to move north and become hunter/gathers taking advantage of the colder environment to become more productive, and some needed to move south to be nurtured by the warmer climate. Because the environment in the north and south is different, the like-people look and act differently, but they are still the same people. The people are alike, because there was no technology want or need separating the two people, only distance.

The people of the East and West are different people, because the earth revolves east and west, creating pressure ridges separating the people of the east and west. Oceans and mountains are created by these pressure ridges and it takes technology to connect the two un-like people. Because the people live in the same environment of the north and south they look similar, but are un-like people in that they structure themselves differently into a society. The East structures themselves into fronts to take advantage of their numbers, the west structures themselves into centers of gravities called families, tribes or nations to take advantages of connections.

So the war of economic considerations is being fought north and south between these two like people, but it is the gap between the East and West, between un-like people, that the war is being waged in.

The people in the East and West had the need or want of technology to move their economies across the gap east or west. They needed or wanted a boat to cross the ocean or a road to scale the mountain to add growth to their economy. Unlike knowledge, technology is additive. Technology is used to add growth to an economy. Knowledge is used to subtract from an economy, either in a revolutionary or evolutionary fashion, and knowledge grows through connections.

Because there will always be the demand of resources, by those who want from those who need, a weak-force of gravitation will always be felt between the two like people. How this force will be used depend on how the forces between these two like people are aligned structurally across the gap between un-like people of the East and West.

Structurally, if the Eastern economy wins, there will be a revolution across fronts—if the Western economy wins, there will be evolution within the centers of gravity.

Structurally, in the Eastern economy the forces between those of need and want are aligned opposite each other—in the west the forces are aligned perpendicular.

In the East, when the sum of the forces between need and want is zero, no movement is felt. When the sum of the forces is not zero, then movement is produced. In an Eastern economy this non-zero movement is called growth, in either negative or positive direction. Revolution takes place as those of want take all they need or those of need become no longer needy. When revolution takes place there is a “rebirth” in forces as growth begins once again.

In the West, there is not a sum of forces as in the East, but a structural-building resultant force is created from the relationship between want and need, it is an evolutionary process. In the West, there is not growth created by the movement between opposing forces, but in the strengthening and weakening of relationships. When evolution takes place there is a “rebirth”, or a rule-set re-set, as it has been called, as relationships turn from opposing to perpendicular.

In the Western economy, forces between need and want are not opposing, but perpendicular and build a center of gravity that grows larger (more Liberal) as new relationships are gained, and grows stronger inward (more conservative) as relationships are strengthened.

In the East, centers of gravity are not built, but fronts are formed between opposing forces.

In the West, war follows the power-law in the distribution of energy. Those who are “winning” at war produce the most events at the greatest magnitude. In the West, the number of events divided by the magnitude of events produce growth. In the East, growth is produced in the direction the resources are moving.

The fronts of the Eastern economies are gaps between forces that are aligned opposite of each other. Eastern economies are mechanisms used for containing attracting and repulsive forces—Western economies are structures used to contain the force found in relationships. In the East, opposing forces cause revolution—in the West, perpendicular forces cause evolution.

In the economies of the East and West, growth is the most important consideration. As all war is about economic considerations, when growth is negative those of want are “winning”—when it is positive those of need are “winning”. Because of the logic, common to both economies, when there is no growth the economy no longer exists.

There is not one “right” and one “wrong” form of an economy. In fact both economies of the East and west grow according to the same logic, i.e. “to he who hath it shall be given; from he who hath not even what he hath shall be taken away”, Jesus of Nazareth. In the East, “he who hath” is the one with the most resources—in the West “he who hath” is the one more connected.

The difference between the economy of the East and the economy of the West is in their physics and ethics.

Physics is the physical shape economies form (mostly as an implicit image), while ethics is how the internal forces, of the economies, explicitly judge growth as to its existence. When the economy judges there will be no growth, diversity is generated—when growth is judged to exist, then either conformity is enforced or, to produce even more growth, diversity is generated.

Because growth is common between the needs and wants of the ethics of both economies (growth is how economies are judged), and the logic is the same in both economies, it is the physical structure that sets both apart from each other. While the rule-sets that create the force in the ethics of the economies are different, these forces are created because of the structural differences in the environment that the economies function in.

In the film The Matrix, the Oracle was a resulting structural force in the relationship between Mr. Smith and Mr. Anderson. When the Oracle disappeared, diversity was generated because the Oracle was the future (growth). Mr. Smith, Mr. Anderson and the Oracle (Gold, Silver and Platinum) represented a western economy.

In the same film, the zero-sum relationship between the Machines and Zion (zero-sum because Zion was about to not exist [no growth]) represented an Eastern economy. Faced with the possible extinction of Zion, diversity was generated. Without Zion the machines would no longer exist, because the Matrix was created by the war between man and machine, not by the machines, or Zion. In the West, without the Oracle, Mr. Smith and Mr. Anderson were only opposing forces, which would soon, according to the Oracle, zero themselves out.

The film ended with the rebirth of opposing and perpendicular forces.

Nice touch, if you can get it to work. For now, it is mostly just opposing forces that are at work in the USA.

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