Scamsville, USA

I am waiting for an important message in the mail in the next few days.

I got an important call last night around 8:00pm telling me that I had a message coming by way of the internet.

The guy spoke English as his almost second language, and he (as far as I could understand) instructed me to access the internet to receive this “important message”.

Relieved that I had a real excuse for not accessing the internet, I told him I didn’t have an internet connection at this location, so this was impossible. It did not deter him.

He then asked me if I had a laptop or some other computer to access the internet with, and I confirmed that I had. He said he would wait for me while I gained access by way of my laptop.

I then told him that I didn’t want to drive somewhere in order to gain access to the internet tonight, and I suggested for him to call back tomorrow.

He said this was fine for him, and what time should he call back.

I then told him that this arrangement was just not going to work. My phone has a cord hooked to it and I could not receive his phone call and access the internet at the same time. I then suggested that he write me, and he seemed to confirm that he would do this.

As he never asked for an address, I now don’t know if I should wait for the letter by the phone or where I am able to access the internet.

I can hardly contain my excitement in anticipating what this important message will hold.

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