I was reminded the other day of the importance of tempo when it comes to blogging. Other than never-lose-the orientation-of-your-advantage, tempo is the most important part of blogging, as we are defining it today.

If you lose your orientation you have lost your space—if you lose your tempo you have lost your time in the space you have created in orientation.

Orientation is isolation—tempo is a way out of the isolation.

Orientation is a wealth, created by you, as one taking advantage of the environment you observe. This observance happens as you “move” throughout the web.

The wealth built in orientation is a structure that only you, as a blogger, can take advantage of, or share with others, at least if done correctly.

Tempo is not sharing. Tempo is the release of your wealth that feels good.

Wealth is satisfying—tempo feels good.

Normally the potential of your orientation builds at the beginning of each morning, bringing with it a crescendo of ideas, and then crashes as these ideas are released as you hit “send”.

After the command of “send” there is a feeling of relief that feels good, which is soon replaced with doubt and disappointment in everything you have written, in every day of blogging, because you no longer have control of your meme.

This disappointment last until you get your first link, in which case you either get your ass handed to you, which is fine, or you are bombarded with praise, which is also fine.

At that point it really doesn’t matter, because you have already, re-oriented and re-harmonized for a new day, if that is your tempo.

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