In judgment of the Spin

It appears to me, after much thought, that quantum spin is a structure whose function is communication. Like the Internet, the wealth of the structure is not in the data moving and spinning about, but in the fact that there is a connection. Quantum spin is a connection between the past and future.

Wealth in any distribution of energy is in the potential of the orientation that gives the molecule an advantage in the environment it “observes”. The wealth of a molecule is in the structure called quantum spin, and that wealth is a judgment as to the molecule’s existence.

Distributions of energy are a judged move by perpendicular forces that, because of their relationship (perpendicular) form a resultant force that creates its structure. If the judgment is that there is no advantage in a molecule’s orientation to its environment, then the molecule existence would be in danger. It would, perhaps, become a positive charge, but this all has to be communicated throughout its environment.

A molecule may stand alone, but the universe is all related and connected in either distance or time. It is probably easier to think of the environment that a molecule orients itself to as a connection between one dimension that is distance specific and one that is time specific.

Quantum physics tells us that we may never see an electron, because we only know two things about an electron, with any precision or accuracy. These two things are: where it was and where it is going to be. I imagine the accuracy is within 15 decimal places, but I am only guessing, because I think that is the accuracy of the AutoCAD program I play around with, from time to time.

The reason given, to paraphrase (and I hope I get this right), why we will never “see” an electron in either two places (the past and future) is that when we look in either two places, the act of looking takes too long and the electron has move from both areas.

I believe the real reason we will never see an electron is that it doesn’t exist anywhere but in those two places, the past and future. Because the atoms of a molecule need electrons to exist, because of electron’s relationship to the past and future (they exist), quantum spin is the structure that connects the atoms of the molecule to the past and future, through communication that judges the molecules existence.

Perhaps that advantage acts as leverage between two (or more) dimensions, but I will have to have some time to think about that some more. J ha!

All distributions of energy are judged by the ethics positioned internally in its movement. Ethics are the internal forces that are aligned 180 degrees from each other, and are either attractive or repulsive forces, depending on their potential. Ethics are a force to be reckoned with. These internal forces are aligned perpendicular to each other by the logic of its existence to its universe. The result of this alignment is a structure that forms the physics of its being.

In humans, the physics of our being are what we behold as our physical world. Our logic that align our internal forces and gives us structure is expressed as, “to he who hath it shall be given; from he who hath not even what he hath shall be taken away”, Jesus of Nazareth. (Global Brain, Howard Bloom). Our ethics are constantly changing according to the judgment of the forces aligned 180 degrees inside us. This judgment is in our ability to exist, or not.

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