On Love and War

On Love and War

The Web was designed to use as a metaphor for an economy. As all war is about economic considerations—fought by people with few economic considerations, the web was created by people with few economic considerations to represent those with economic considerations, to fight war.

The Web was created as a way to fight war in real-time instead of the past or future. Fighting war in the past or future is something that North Americans are not so good at, unlike most of the rest of the world.

I am not even sure North Americans are good at metaphors. That is why we had to invent a system that handles them for us

The economy is the kinetic energy of a society. It is composed of those who hath not. Those within a society who hath are those without economic considerations. They represent the potential of the society. These forces that give to those who hath and takes from those who hath not are perpendicular to each other and create the structure that forms the image (both explicit and implicit) of the society.

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