When Less is More

When Less is More

Less is more when there is an exponents hidden somewhere inside the logic of the statement. In the major’s statement, the exponent of the less is hidden in the way the “less” that he describes moves across the gap between decision and action inside the environment of the intervention force. Unlike a conventional force that he commanded in Iraq, a SF or SOF is an evolutionary force inside the environment it operates in. The “more” that he describes is an evolution taking place inside the environment of the intervention.

Like a poet, an exponent is insignificant in its existence and significant in its function. A poet’s function is to align the forces in a society perpendicular (evolution)—an exponent tells us when the forces are evolutionary.

There are two ways across the gap between decision and action in any environment. The major’s example of needing more troops is an example of a revolutionary movement. There is no exponent in a revolutionary movement, except in its logistics.

His example of less is an evolutionary movement. An evolutionary movement has an exponent in its function statement.

The hidden exponent of an evolution is exposed in the alignment of forces by the logic of the movement. A SF or a SOF has logic that is evolutionary in nature. SFs or SOFs are the poets of the military force of a society. The non-SFs or SOFs are the teachers. Those who can, are—those who can’t, teach. The limiting of size and resources as the major describes, by those in command of a society, mostly just forces those who “can” to action, and those who “can’t” into retirement, or teaching.

There is no logic in a revolutionary force only size and resources. In a revolutionary intervention all forces are aligned 180 degrees and are either attractive or repulsive.

It is the logic in an evolutionary force that aligns the forces perpendicular. The logic of a SF or SOF is: “To he who hath [the ethics] it shall be given; from he who hath not [the ethics needed] even what he hath shall be taken away.”

Ethics are the internal forces of a society that, when aligned perpendicular, create the structure that a society is built on. When aligned 180 degrees they may start a revolution.

The SFs or SOFs are into node building (a center of gravity) using perpendicular forces, while the conventional forces are building a ridge (front) using forces aligned 180 degrees.

Because of the lack of an exponent in a front (it has only length in time or distance), when doubling a revolutionary force it only doubles the forces in an area. Because you are doubling inside an area, the logistics in the movement goes crazy. In this kind of doubling, an exponent shows up as a 3, or nine times the troubles. The effect of this doubling, in the logistics of the movement, doesn’t have the same effect that the exponent has in a movement of an evolutionary force.

Double an evolutionary force and the exponent shows up as a 4, or 16 times the troubles. The logic in an evolutionary force creates a moment of inertia that has a 4 as its exponent.

A revolutionary force builds fronts and represents an area of force moving a distance, which creates an exponent to the 3rd. An evolutionary force builds centers of gravity with a moment of inertia at its center that has an exponent to the 4th.

What Einstein forgot about the gravity in a center of gravity was that all the forces in gravity are perpendicular and creates a hypotenuse structural force that we can see as x^2+y^2=h^2. But the force of the gravity, although a weak force, is represented as a moment of inertia, which is to the fourth power.

While a revolutionary force represents an environmental change of hearts and minds, which is needed in changing the implicit rule-sets of the forces being intervened, an evolutionary force represents nation-building using the resultant force of both the implicit and explicit rule-sets. Implicit (hearts and minds) and explicit (the written law) rule-sets are forces that are perpendicular, as they exist in the same space and time, and build a structure with form and shape. This form and shape that a SF or SOF builds is called a nation.

We went into Iraq to build a new nation (evolution), with our revolutionary forces, and ended up just changing the environment (revolution). We went into Afghanistan to change the environment (get rid of OBL and terrorist network), with our SFs, and got caught up in nation- building.

It is time to go back to plan-A in Afghanistan. The forces in Iraq and throughout the region are beginning to be aligned perpendicularly. This alignment of forces perpendicular has started across the Middle East and may end in Afghanistan with the placement of a king in position of power. It may be even a king similar to the one that has possibly risen recently in North Korea. It will be a king that the evolutionary forces in the region will get behind (because of similar ethics), against the revolutionary forces in front (of a different potential).

Ethics are the internal forces that align themselves evolutionary behind a leader—the potential is the revolutionary force aligned 180 degrees in front of the leader. The enemy is behind the leader not in front. The potential for a revolution is in front of the leader. Revolution builds force that a leader can use—evolution creates change that may destroy the leader.

The potential is getting larger in the Middle East as the need for oil, in the area of the greatest potential for growth in the world, increases. The want, for the realignment of force, in the Middle East, in the changing of the ethic, is increasing as the environment changes. This environmental change is taking place because of the shift in resources towards the largest area of growth (the East), and away from the area of greatest resource (West of East).

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