Free Willy

I was one of several people who re-directed the conversation of a friend of a friend’s feed on Facebook the other day. The feed was about Grand Strategy, or the lack there of, of the USA. My friend commented, to paraphrase, that the strong does as it will and the weak do as they must.

The phrase seemed to me to mean that the strong makes a chose, has free will to make that choice, and the weak have no choice. I switched it around and said the strong does what it must to maintain its strength, and the weak does what it will to interfere. The point I was trying to make, and this could be considered a part of a Grand strategy, neither really has free will.

Even if we think of the strong as people of want, who has all the resources they need and wants more, they, in effect, have given up freedom for what they have, resources. They have given up freedom; because wealth forms a center of gravity that forms a reference plane that is stationary. Wealth represents an area of gravitational force that everything gets drawn to, including freedom, or the lack of it. All human wealth is built on the logic of controlling another human being. This logic aligns all the relational forces of wealth perpendicular and forms a structure containing gravity.

So the logic of people of want is that they are willing to give up what they have, which are resources, for what they want, freedom. In a way, the strong, if we think of them as people of want, are “they who hath not”. After all, what are we if we are not allowed freedom to move about?

Then, in the over-riding logic of the Grand Strategy: “to he who hath all shall be given; to he who hath not even what he hath shall be taken away,” Jesus of Nazarene, even what the strong hath shall be taken from them. In return, of course, the strong gets freedom, freedom from the gravitational pull of controlling another person.

If we think of the weak as people of need, who have no resources and need all they can get, they use freedom to get what they need, which are resources. So in a way the weak, if we think of them as people of need, are “they who hath”, because all they have is freedom in self-control. This freedom is in the form of control, which is really in the form of self-control. As the person in Tunisia showed, this self-control is a very powerful force and can show up anytime and anywhere in the world, “wax on wax off”.

Then, in the over-riding logic of the Grand Strategy, “to he who hath all shall be given…,” the weak shall hath all.

But the weak and strong are not opposing forces; they are aligned perpendicular to each other. If they were aligned 180 degrees from each other and an attractive force, they would both simply disappear as they are all a part of the same space and time. They would form one big potential, but it would be relative to nothing and not a center of gravity. There would be no gravity, because without perpendicular forces there is no structure to contain gravity. The resultant force of perpendicular forces builds structure.

Therefore, if the weak and strong forces, 180 degrees from each other and attractive, were added up, the sum of all forces, both weak and strong, would equal zero as there would be no resultant force to create structure to contain any “left-over” forces after the addition. Something without form or shape, nor even an implicit image doesn’t exist.

The same would be true if they were repulsive forces, then neither one would be able to form a potential, because weak and strong are only relative to each other and they would not exist as repulsive weak or strong forces. In other words, there would be no relationship that binds the two in repulsion.

Only by allowing logic and its ability to build relationships to align weak and strong forces perpendicular to each other can either the strong or weak exist as a structured society. I call this society a particle wave.

The weak and strong, because of their bias for freedom (freedom is a command of distribution taken from the past and given to the future), are both vertical forces of command, of the same particle wave. While this means they are both parallel to each other, the force in the gap between them is the controlling horizontal force in their existence. In other words, the gap between life and death of the weak and strong chops up and adds tempo to the wave that is structured from their resultant force into controlled pieces called wavelengths.

So, tempo creates waves (because of its length building abilities), while the gap between the strong and weak forces create a command particle, as matter moves across the gap. It should be noted that, in a way, because we are positioned in the gap between the past and future, we are included in this matter.

Because of its ability to exist in two states: wave and particle, the particle wave created by the perpendicular relationship between the weak and strong can exist in two separate dimensions, as the particle wave is biased by the past and receives feedback from the future (feedback gives control its option of existing or not). The particle wave therefore functions in two dimensions, one of the future and one of the past, while we can, because of our structure, exist in the dimension in-between.

Perhaps we could call this dimension we function in heaven and we just haven’t gotten there yet. But if we can exist here, somewhere between the strong and weak forces, of the past and future, we should be able to exist anywhere, but that is a judgment call.

One thought on “Free Willy

  1. You will usually be okay using the terms interchangeably but you should know that they are different. For instance electrons and protons have electric charge so they can produce and absorb the electromagnetic force carrier the photon. Neutrinos on the other hand have no electric charge so they cannot absorb or produce photons.

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