5th Generation Warfare

As ancient men, the Greeks had quite an advantage. They were smart enough to place in power kings that were not tyrants, but generals with knowledge of 5th Generation Warfare. Although there are other definitions of Generational Warfare, the farther out the warrior can kill his enemy, generationally, the less able the enemy is to see him coming, i.e., the best a warrior can have—complete control of the environment.

1Generational Warfare (1GW) has a good advantage, 2GW is even better, 3 was perfected by Hitler and 4th by Mao, and 5th is where we are starting today. (It should be noted that the Native Americans fought 7GW so it is yet to be seen who is going to win this thing). This advantage of non-tyranny kingship is almost non-existent in today’s world; instead we give our religious people the ability to wage war generationally. If you can’t thrust them, then who can you trust?

Kings have mostly been replaced by legislatures, and legislatures, although not tyrants, wage Generational Warfare against their own generation, that is to say, those generations of theirs who have who have yet to be born and not those of other nations. While, “to he who hath all shall be given” is good logic, legislators take from future generations (they who hath) of legislator instead of giving to them, at least this is true of those legislators who believe it is the legislatress’s generation who hath; this means future generations hath not.

While all warfare is mostly about economic matter, those doing the actual fighting do so with little thought of economics, these are called warriors. In any legislature branch, especially democracies’ of any religion Jewish, Christian, Islam or other, it is the legislator who believes the end-time is here, in their generation, who are the warriors. Everyone else is pretty easy to get along with, especially with all that cash flowing in and around them. It is precisely these non-fighters, but makers of war, the non-end-timers who fight for economic matters and not generations, who are easy to get along with.

Sure, end-timers have some economic interest in what’s going on, but it is really other matters they fight about and for. In other words, of the three domains of war (honor, fear, interest) it is honor, the honor of being selected to be in End Times, they fight for, above interest and fear.

The Greeks left those two domains, Interest and Fear, to their kings and Honor to themselves. In today’s world Interest and Fear is left for the Non-believers, or at least those who don’t believe the End-Times is here, the guys who are easy to get along with. However, this group, the Non-Believers, who are easy to get along with, get smaller and smaller as people WITH HONOR believe more and more in the End-Times.

Next: The Domains of War (Honor, Interest Fear), and resilient communities; I would like to become a founder of one, and work in the virtual world.

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