Turkey; Ends

There should be no mystery about Turkey’s long term goals. This map underscores those goals. To Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia all the area in red is disputed territory. In other words, it represents an area of growth for everyone, except of course to the kurds. With Turkey’s new relationship, created in the environment of a Civil War carried out in Iraq, with the Kurds, one of maintaining the status quo, Turkey sees ways and means towards an end. That way is through Islam, and the means is from the west, the potential for the direction of oil out of the area.

I recieved this from my news letter from Wikistrat


  • The goals of Turkey. The political party of Erdogan is undoubtedly Islamist, but Turkey’s confrontation with Syria, break with Iran and clash with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is leaving observers in disagreement about his regional objectives.
  • The patience of the defected military forces in Yemen, particularly General Ali Mohsen. The soldiers have defended protesters, but have not made a full push to forcibly push Saleh out of power.
  • The ability of the Syrian opposition to address the fears of the minorities that back Assad out of self-preservation, specifically the Allawites, Christians and Druze who fear persecution.
In the context of the ends for Turkey, “the ability of the Syrian opposition to address the fears of the minorities…” plays well for Turkey. On the one hand, let a Sunni (Saudi/Iraq) front open-up on the southern boarder (how, exactly, well and how long did it last in Iraq?)
On the other hand, let a brutal dictatorship remain with ties to Iran, and, along with the Shia nation of Iraq, see how long that will last. Either way, Turkey sees a front opening up in the south, along with what’s happening in Yemen, with the means of pushing against that front coming from the west. Turkey needs traction from somewhere and it will come from the west.
The ability to push depends, at times, on something developing that one can push against. Although Turkey is up against Iran in the east, Saudi in the south,  and not to mention Russia in the north, the front is being aligned west and east. Like Iran and Iraq are playing the eastern card (China), Turkey is playing the west (EU).

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