The annals of Chinese overreach (II) – By Tom Ricks | The Best Defense

The annals of Chinese overreach (II) – By Tom Ricks | The Best Defense

In a distribution of energy (oil) the sum of all forces is zero. Therefore, the need to accelerate mass (mass times acceleration = force), along the distribution (shown as red arrows) is the same. But then, the potential of the distribution is negative to the kinetic (energy on the move) energy of the distribution, so what the map doesn’t show is the implied negative in the context of oil.

This map shows the missing potential. The added arrows also show the potential flow of oil if the Middle East somehow gets so messed up that the oil flow to China is interrupted (what’s the chance of that A?). What this means to me (because the sum of all forces is equal to zero) is that a war in Vietnam or the Philippines is just as strategic to China as a war in Afghanistan or, as we seen, in Iraq, or any other country within the arrows (Iraq is at the end of one arrow). In other words, China doesn’t  just supply weapons to places like, possibly, Yemen Libya,  and Darfur to export their military/industrial complex, but there are other strategic objectives as well, i.e. keeping the supply of oil flowing. They are not just thinking as entrepreneurs, but as grand strategist.

Because the potential for using force is the same in all areas, China must, as it moves its industrial half, of its military/industrial complex, into Afghanistan (as it has in Pakistan), engage its military into Afghanistan and into a position of strength that their country cries for. The disadvantage in doing this will be that it gives the South China Sea, in particular Vietnam and the Philippines, a time to re-position themselves into a position of strength. As “the times they are a changing”, the US is positioning itself as it pulls-back and re-position itself into the Americas.

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