WEF India Economic Summit

“The Indian Spring: Seeking Independence from Corruption”

via WEF India Economic Summit | Reuters.com.

They don’t want to be getting anything unwanted in the gap between  Decision and Acting, especially corruption, and especially with a possibility of war breaking out in their region. A gap represents a structure, and ethics represents the forces that build the structure, and are the first to be corrupted.

Corruption represents a change in the forces that dominate a complex adaptive system.

Ethics are the building blocks of the complex (building), but to align zero-sum forces (attractive and repulsive ethics) perpendicular to each other takes logic.

Corruption first shows up in the ethics that the system adapts to, but how the system adapts is equally important, and prone to corruption.

A building (complex) is built in relationship with vertical and horizontal forces; it takes logic to position these zero-sum forces perpendicular to each other. This perpendicular ability represents growth in the system.

In order for a complex adaptive system to grow, the building blocks (ethics)  need to be able to move without corrupting their positions. Usually this growth is accomplished by adding more block, but there is an inherent weakness in the gap between blocks, so the gap needs to be deep, but close, but not too close. There needs to be room for the mortar that binds them. Corruption especally needs to be kept out of the mortar.

When corruption is  found in the ethics of a complex adaptive system it starts to corrupt the logic, i.e. the Bill of Rights, by association.  the forces in the system no longer are zero-sum, and the building blocks begin to move.

If the blocks  move far enough to the left or right, the system will no longer look like the build was designed. Adaptation can be accomplished by watching the moments of inertia of the structure using logic, but once the blocks start moving without logic the building becomes unsound.

Because of corruption in the ethics of a system the building might become weak or stronger, but there might be unintentional consequences of a change in logic.

It should be noted that a complex is not a flat surface, even one that covers the earth.

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