The Tea Party (a peaceful demonstration?)

There has been talk on my Google and Facebook feeds. They are saying  that the Tea Party’s handling of open demonstration is superior to that OWS.

During the Tea Party’s demonstration, we didn’t hear about any police pepper spraying anyone, or dragging protesters anywhere.

The problem with the statement that I  just made is that the Tea Party’s protests were for naught. Their movement has been taken over, or at least integrated into the American political system. The Tea Party movement has become a part of the problem (the are inside the system), instead of a way towards the end (Republic, Lost) of what they imagined.

The difference between the Tea Party and OWS is in their means, in their way forward. The OWS (Occupy Wall Street) means to stay out of the system, while the Tea Part decided they can still work within the system. But, by letting themselves be co-opted into the system, the Tea Party has lost their means (protest) to an end, because they “won” and have nothing to protest about, unless their politicians don’t come through.

The Tea Party won, i.e. their politicians are attacking the structures that hold together the government, but losing, because the politicians are not attacking the real problem, the system of governing.

In the interest of government and governing in particular, corporations are not people, so if you work for a corporation and are physically inside the house of Representative, you need to leave, period! Sorry! that is our house and only humans have access to our laws. Congress and corporations have the right to command us, but control is for people only, and then mostly in the form of self-control.

The above video explains the problem very well. While I think that the author and the Tea Party’s ends looks similar (a country that doesn’t look 3rd world) the way that this image gets there in the future, is different for the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street=#Occupy^(n).  Note: the (n) represents the structure of OWS, or in other words, how these nodes connect with each other.

It remains to be seen, if #Occupy^(n)  is going to “see” the way. So far they are still moving, which is very helpful, and they haven’t been co-opt by any single element, other than in the Judea-Christian sense that created this country (it’s when the gentiles and Jews get together and decide things). So far this sense has been a good thing for the rest of this country, but I think there are some issues forming.

The Catholics have been knocked on their asses, the End-Timers are going by the wayside, and now the Colosseum is being cleared, ha!

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