Expecting the Un-expected

My step-son believes in Big Foot; I believe in Googlers. He saw his Big-Foot a couple years ago, and I saw what I was looking for a couple of days ago.

His Big-Foot was spotted late at night, while my step-son and his friend were changing sprinklers for a local golf course; I spied mine apparition at the Dollar Tree.

Big-Foot was apparently taking a bath in one of the ponds on the golf course; the Googler was buying drinking glasses to replace some really cheap plastic ones that had self-destructed.

Living in a town that Google has move into, I expected to see, scattered among the locals, these representatives of Google, which I refer to as Googlers, i.e. people dressed in the implicit image of Google the corporation.

While I am sure there are many employees from Google that occasionally walk among us, I was waiting for a particular species of those so employed, the peacocks. They would be wearing their Google hats, with their Google shirts embroidered with the cleaver Google name tag, and the rest of the uniform. These guys (and gals) would be the first-responders, in the world according to Google.

I don’t know why I was waiting to look upon these people, but I think it had to do with that I knew they were there, but couldn’t understand why I could not see them. Probably the same reason our interests are still in the sightings of Big-Foot.

It’s just something that we don’t see every day.

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