Afghanistan: The Indifferent War

The Afghanistan War is not an event that is indifferent to those who are a part of the environment: Chinese, Indies, Pakistanis and American-knees (including the feet and “boots”).

Of course with Americans, that just depends on which Americans you are talking about.

Indifference is the opposite of love, and for those who love our troops, but are indifferent to the Afghanistan War, the environment that the events of the day are observed from, can become confusing.

They, those who are indifferent, want to support the war our troops are fighting, but from an American point of view, the war now seems to have much to do about nothing.

When this (confusion) happens  it is sometime better to look at form instead of the content of the confusion.

When form shows itself, then the math in the form that supports the confusion is judged; a tipping point develops; and the mass that is behind the tipping point tips.

Democracy supports the tipping point better than an authoritarian society. You may even say it has an advantage, because of the mass behind it.

Today, it is a mass of wealth (1%’ers) instead of leadership (of the 99%’ers).

There in lies the confusion.

One thought on “Afghanistan: The Indifferent War

  1. Actually the advantage of a democracy is velocity, not mass, i.e. the Potential Energy =-1/2 X v^2 X mass. As Power is Energy (Potential Energy + Kinetic Energy) X time, the velocity in Kinetic Energy becomes critical in “zeroing-out the Potential.

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