The G (+?)-Train

Blogging is dead; long live the blog.

At least blogging is dead as I know it, having myself gotten into blogging at the start. There is no real reason for anyone to blog anymore, but it is very important for everyone to have a blog.

When I started blogging, blogs were memes—self-duplicating sources of wealth, much like genes. While I never managed to grab a hold of the money-train like many that started when I did, did. My wealth consists of the distance I have covered globally and the people I have meet there and here.

Now blogs are sources of wealth, but non-duplicating. Perhaps it would be better to call them “circles” of wealth, as Google’s + train take hold.

Get your blogs now, or miss-out on the G-train “G” as in Generational, as the next train (next generation of bloggers) is a coming.

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