Passionate Allies / Dangerous Challengers: The Effect of Networks on Nation States

One common trend we have seen in these interactions is that network actors act of their own volition, not out of compulsion.  When they see the state as legitimate they can support it passionately and productively.  When they see the state as illegitimate they can effectively undermine its authority.

via Passionate Allies / Dangerous Challengers: The Effect of Networks on Nation States | The Meta-Activism Project.

“When they see…” and their ability to “see” is enabled by “cheap tricks”, a point in time that doesn’t take time to create  a “z-axis”  in a structure for all to “see”.

Perhaps one reason networks are attracted to nation states, either by supporting it or challenging it in a destructive or constructive manner is because of the amount of structure a nation state represents. Networks are mostly content driven, while nation states are structure driven, and perhaps its a matter of opposites attract.

Without structure, outside of friction driven connections, networks are without dimensions. Networks have an element of time, but no distance to them, except as measured by velocity. Sure, they have edges and nodes that function similar to distance, but explicit or implicit distance has no imagination unless it has structure.

This is why I brought up the idea of a “Cheap Trick”. A Cheap Trick is the first point on a path to structure, and I believe it is really structure that all hackers are searching for.

In my post: A Book Review… I make the argument that time doesn’t exist that there is no time/space continuum. While I  don’t make the following argument in the posting, I think it is reasonable to assume that time was “invented” (probably by western man) as a means to develop networks, and ultimately a way of connecting time and space into nation states.

Networks creates distance in the time it takes for information to get between the edges and nodes of a network. Networks uses time to create a change in distance over time, or in other words velocity. These networks of  of time, in their making of distance, created space, where space never existed before, as implicit images.

Networks may have been destructive or constructive in their use of information in the spaces created , but, by supporting or challenging these spaces, networks gain a potential towards existence (starting with a Cheap Trick).

Potentials are areas of force, with direction and magnitude. Force has both mass and acceleration. Mass gives networks magnitude in their use of information, while acceleration gives them a direction for their information. Together, mass and acceleration give networks a sense of existence, which is, I believe,` what hackers are looking for.

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