Zakaria interviews Nic Robertson on Syria

Will repression work for Assad in Syria? What does life feel like in Damascus? Can the military maintain power? How can it fund its activities? Is civil war on the horizon?

via Zakaria interviews Nic Robertson on Syria – Global Public Square – Blogs.

Just depends on what you mean by repression. Good. Yes. Iran. No.

If you mean by repression, the repression of the Sunni majority by the Sunni military, which the military and Shia leadership supports, then yes. If you mean the Shia leadership is going to repress the Sunni majority, then no.

It could, in the terms of the Arab Spring, represents the coming together of the Sunni and Shia Arabs. The Sunni are going to continue to command, while the Shia are going to control the resources.

But that is another story.

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