While I can’t supply the liminal message, I can supply the “Cheap Trick”.

The Image

Nothing is going to stop this war dynamic from unfolding — not China, the U.N., the Pentagon’s strategic “pivot” to East Asia, our upcoming presidential election, nor our nation’s much-discussed war fatigue, much less “decline.”

via WPR Article | The New Rules: The Coming War With Iran.

New rules (my appologies to Bill Maher); 1. The USA can not go to war again, unless by narrative decision making, and 2. The narrative has to be completed before going to war.

Rule 3; The narrative will include other countries, but the decision making must somehow be separate.

One of Israel’s leading strategic analysts says the country’s leadership believes air strikes can set back the Iranian nuclear programme by three to five years

Ronen Bergman, an investigative journalist and analyst on the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth has written a long piece for the New York Times magazine, asking the question on…

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