Q=mA=E=mc^2 (a post in the making)

Recognizing the core dimensions of market stability–and understanding their critical nexus–is central to the conversation and narrative of current Honduras, a culture and country in transition. The confluence and collaboration within the dimensions of Security, Rules Sets, Investment, Infrastructure, and Resources work together to generate market stability. Thus, the ability to assess the variable dynamics of the Honduras market nexus–situation awareness (e.g., the nature and relative importance of each dimension, the relationship between the dimensions and their strategic environment, and the recognition of systemic “choke points”, “tipping points” and feedback loops.)–becomes paramount to the successful pursuit of opportunity in Honduras.

via Critt Jarvis.

The above quote is as close of a description of a quantum (Q) unit of energy that I could come by. If you substitute “a quantum unit of energy” for “market stability” in the sentence “Recognizing the core dimensions of market stability…” then the understanding of a quantum becomes clear.

As the above quote suggests, a quantum is a unit of energy without time, only dimensions. Recognizing the core dimensions is very important in understanding quantum physics, but it is not all that is important. “The nature and relative importance of each dimension, the relationship between the dimensions and their strategic environment, and the recognition of systemic “choke points”, “tipping points” and feedback loops.” is also important.

“the nature and relative importance of each dimension” is a judgement call that a quantum makes, through the use of feedback loops at tipping points while navigating “choke points” within the culture of its structure.

“The relationship between the dimensions and their strategic environment” is a feeling of either good or being satisfied (or not on either points) that develops inside the culture and creates the outside structure of a quantum. The structure of a quantum resides within the area of its velocity.

With the judgement that a quantum makes, as to its nature and relative importance, and the feelings it develops, as to its spatial position, the quantum is able to recognize its “”choke points, “tipping points” and feedback loops” in its relationship between its culture and structure, as it spins inward and outward.

A quantum has no velocity, because it has no time. Velocity is a change in distance over a change in time, and without time velocity can’t exist. Velocity squared (c^2) then becomes an area (A) of velocity.

A quantum does have velocity’s cousin acceleration, which is the change of velocity over a change in time. Acceleration exists, because acceleration is based more on feelings and judgement than time. Acceleration is also at its maximum when velocity is at zero, so perhaps time is not completely eliminated, but velocity is.

The feelings of a quantum are probably locked inside the relationships of its mass (culture). However, mass doesn’t exist without the relationship that develop because of those feeling, as to its spatial relationship (structure).

The judgment of a quantum is between its mass and area of velocity. The judgment, and the feelings behind it, produces a spin. A judgment represents acceleration at the moment of inertia of its z-axis as it spins to find its way within the area of velocity.

Time is then created by the spin, as the quantum accelerate towards another dimension, in the area of velocity, by the judgment of the quantum and how it feels as to its spatial relationships, inward and outward.

The direction of the other dimension (the dimension of time) is in the direction of the quantum’s z-axis, and the direction of the spin is probably a judgment call, based on how good it feels as it moves or if those feeling are one of being satisfied spatially.

The way Honduras will spin (inward or outward) is probably based on those same feelings (good and satisfied).

If the judgment is cultural, between like people, who move north and south because they want to, Honduras may become satisfied, in the relationship with like people, and spin “inward”.

If the judgment is structural, between un-like people, who move east and west because of some technology need, then Honduras may feel good, about where they are in the world (location), and the spin will be “outward”, fulfilling the need of new relationships (a new market).

Perhaps what Honduras needs is technology from the north and south that makes them feel good, about their ability to move north and south, and satisfied about where they are at in their relationships with the east and west.

A good start would be for Obama to build the power grid north and south, to include Honduras, instead of east and west across the USA. The direction east and west will never be completed, because it represents no-growth. Growth for the USA is represented by the directions north and south, and is the direction this new grid-technology should take.

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