Clarity at Last – Mil Option On Iran

(Means that it is definitely a bluff. Had been unsure until now.)

via Swedish Meatballs Confidential (pNSFW).

I think it is definitely something, but I am not sure a “bluff” is the best description.

I am more inclined to think of “it” as a “Cheap Trick“.

The Obama administration has turned Iran’s nuclear weapon’s program (even if it doesn’t exist) into a cheap trick, which a cheap trick is something both quick and dirty.

This cheap trick has given the power in Iran over to the cleric, and has taken it away from the military, who have been brilliant, up to this point.

The problem is, of course, that a cheap trick is all about structure instead of culture, and culture eats structure.

The advantage of a cheap trick is in the speed it operates at, which is many more times more than culture is able to operate. Culture gets it advantage in the exponent it operates at.

Yet, while a cheap trick is powerful, it is also inconclusive. There is no way of really knowing that a cheap tricked worked, until it is no longer cheap, nor a trick.

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