What is Strategy?

I was recently asked to define strategy in simple terms.

Dear Larry

I have been reading about what strategy is not, however, I am still looking for a simple definition. Can you help? Many have stopped confusing strategy with operational efficiency but there is still no simple definition.

This was my reply.

I too have been reading about what strategy is not. What I have found that it is has come about in my effort at thinking strategically.

First, all strategy is a complete structure. In other words, it has an end, way and means–it is 3 dimensional.

Second, because the culture is not developed, it is a “Cheap Trick” ( http://www.tempobook.com/glossary/#cheap-trick ). In his book “Tempo”, Venkatesh Rao explains that “strategy is a cheap trick.”, while a “tactic is a metaphoric mapping among primitive actions concepts in two or more domains.” So, to me, this means that strategy is a domain, which is un-finished, while tactics uses domains on its way towards an end way and means. In other words, by giving a liminal passage ( http://www.tempobook.com/glossary/#liminal-passage ) a vertical component, strategy creates a 3-dimensional object, while tactics use two or more points to accomplish the same thing.

Basically, the simple definition is: both strategy and tactics accomplish the same thing, only, if my understanding is correct, strategy is both quick and dirty, and who has the time to wait?

Anyone else care to comment? I too have looked for a simple definition.

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