DoD Buzz | SAS12: The Navy’s happy warrior strikes back

“It is a WAR-ship,” he said. “A WAR-ship. It is going to make every [small attack craft] out there worry about coming out to sea, because it will kick their ASS — and you can quote me on that.

via DoD Buzz | SAS12: The Navy’s happy warrior strikes back.

I think some wise man once said that you go to war with the army you have and not with the one that you want. This saying is in context to the time when the line is crossed from not-war to war.

I believe the saying is true for the navy as well. When the line is crossed, and war is initiated, you fight with what you have, and not necessarily with what you need.

For the Blue, the line is drawn in Australia.

This location of the line-to-war will give the “WAR-ship” plenty of area to operate in and to find its way (in the context of the end, ways, and means) from what the Navy wanted, towards what the Navy needs.

The only way to build something like the LCS or the F-35 is to observe the environment it will operate in ( from the South China Sea to Australia for the LCS–the boarders of North America for the F-35), orient a structure that has most of the advantages the environment offers, and supply it with the means (resources) to exist.

Once the resources are met, the ownership of the gap, between decision and action, will be up to the people who pilot them.

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