Eagle Sculptures by Chester Fields

I found this picture of my wife’s cousin Chet on youtube. He is pictured with his bronze sculpture of a Native American that my wife is attempting to sell, as trustee of her mother’s estate. My wife is asking $40,000.00 for the sculpture. Her mother Bea was a practical person, but the sculpture and a painting of  Chet’s were really priceless to her. Hopefully my wife has set a price, on all of this, that Bea would not have objected to.

I know Bea set a price of at least $30,000.00 dollars on the above original oil painting of Chet’s that he painted of quail. Bea loved the fact that quail showed up at her place one day and never left. As Chet says in the Youtube video, women are not always drawn to his sculptural of eagles, but I think everyone can enjoy his drawings.

Bea also loved her handmade Chinese rugs, which are shown in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am not sure of the price that my wife has set, but they go well with the house and it would be a shame to remove them.

It should be noted that, in the slideshow, the tag showing where the rugs were made has a stain on it. This doesn’t reflect the condition of the rugs themselves. Bea was a meticulous house cleaner, and the stain to the tag was my fault and not her’s.

Eagle Sculptures by Chester Fields – YouTube.

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