I mentioned to …

I mentioned to my nephew’s wife that sometimes you can’t tell there is a war on, unless you find out which side the warriors are on. There are some real warriors on Obama’s side.

I happened to notice this sidebar-ad, on one of the websites I happen to be visiting.


The logic seemed to be a good one, “Get Barack’s Back.”, which means to me that he is going to need all the help he can get in this election, and can use someone to guard his back.

Ok. But then if you take the words literally and you look at who is at Barack’s back, it seems to be a black guy, WTF?

Barack also seems to be bumping knuckles with a Hispanic worker in gloves. It could be some bias of mine that I say this, but that is my impression.

So when you hoover your curser over the ad, this is what you get:


The guy behind Barack is gone, mission accomplished.

I am just saying that warriors tend to go on missions, and recruit for those missions. This ad seems to be a recruitment poster, but to what end?

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