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I have read some of the report Michael Gerald Moore is outlining in his tweets here. It could be that Japan has found a way to harness the power (OODA loop) of the Next Generation Gamers.

Gamers are deep rooted experts that have little culture in the game they are playing, but know how to tear down the structure of the game’s rule-sets until they “own” the game. Owning the game means that they have successfully entered the OODA loop, of the designer of the game. I have made the remark that in the War on Terror, it is coming down to their Gamers against ours.  Perhaps the first nation to understand this “wins”.

Gamers are good at learning the rules of the game and taking advantage of the rules to the dis-advantage of the designer of the game, until they own the game more than the designer. But it is the structure of the environment that they play the game in that’s important. Without Orientation,  and being supported by the culture of the game, Gamers need full support by those who manage the game.

As an example, if you took a Gamer from the city without a logging Orentation, dressed him in Carharts and CAT logger boots, he becomes a logger, if he looks the part. All he would need to ‘win” is to learn the rule-sets, in the Game of Logging.

I purposely used the gender “he” here, but it could just as well be a “she”, only the image is harder to see, and would need more convincing, perhaps through the Action to be carried out.

To win the game, the Gamer would need to know the culture of logging, and he/she obtains that through friends.

The Gamer doesn’t steal from friends, he/she takes resources from their own family and gives these resources to their friends (mostly other Gamers).

In exchange for resources the Gamer receives the culture, from their friends, that is needed to become a “logger”. Where the “Old” Generation learned trades from their family, the New Generation learns Orientations from their friends (who in the above example are loggers).

After being Orientated to a particular “loop” by ‘friends” they are able to enter the selected “loop” and play. All they then need in order to “win” is to learn the structure within the environment of the game. They learn structure by playing the game, and are able to “win”, because they learned how to position themselves, towards the greatest advantage, from their friends.

Once they start playing the game, they need very few rule-sets, because there is little feed-forward or feed-back from Orientation, once inside the “loop”.

  1. One, it is never your fault when you lose, there is just something you didn’t see the first time (Observe).
  2. Two, the meaning of the Game is to reach the highest level possible (Orientation).
  3. Three, keep playing until the game has no more meaning (Decision).
  4. Four, there is no possibility of losing the game, just the meaning of the game. Therefore,  just hit “replay” and continue playing (Act).

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