The Use of Anticipatory Intuition

I believe the road to hell is paved in good intentions, and while I haven’t read Pentagon’s New Map, it is my opinion that at least one of the bricks in the road is a place-holder for PNM.

Sorry, the devil in me couldn’t resist


I don’t know if the Mil/Market nexus understands that the Market will eventually take care of Civil War in the Middle east, like it did here in the US, or it doesn’t believe in Civil War, but whatever the case is, it was one hell-of-an-idea, as it drove the Mil/Market nexus into The Middle East.

I know what it looks like, I just don’t have words for it.

Via Critt Jarvis

From one of his comments:

Hi Critt,

Self and Spirit are separate?

Under Boyd’s (Military) loop we Observe the environment, Orient ourselves towards an advantage, make our Decisions from that advantage, then, without thinking, Act.

Because the truth is in the Orientation, there is little need for a highly Oriented person to think, when crossing the gap between Decision and Action.

As one of the posts said  many years ago from a young solder sent to Afghanistan (to paraphrase) once my boots are on-the-ground the time for hand-wring and self doubt are over with and I will perform my job as I was trained. This is what I mean about “non-thinking”, a person Acts as he is Oriented, in the environment Observed.

For a US solder or anyone in the US Military/Market nexus, while all of their military training is thinking, the Decisions are Orientation based, which means the gap between decisions and actions are extremely fast–fast enough that an outsider (enemy) is unable to either anticipate what the solder will do, nor form an intuition on where he will be.

The Observation that starts out the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decision, and Act) consists of three things, self, non-self, and spirit. They are not separate but form a nexus according to how they flow together.

While God and specifically Christ has always been a part of the US military’s Orientation, the Critt’s loop above is created to take the “Christ” out of the advantage and make one’s spirit, in its relationship to God, the advantage.

Perhaps this is in anticipation of a non-Christian being elected POTUS. It would be  hard for me to anticipate how Mormonism or  Confuciusm would flow within our military. I mean we know how alternative Orientations flow from the bottom up, but neither has been tried from the top down.

Perhaps the word for Critt’s above “loop” is: God’s New Map?

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