Wealthy Philippine Chinese community makes Aquino speak about peace

America, though  heavily invested in other countries, has no such American communities abroad. Now, the US wants to withdraw its investment and jobs from China, and return them to America. Imagine the world a few decades from now when there are wealthy influential Chinese communities in many countries, while America has none.

That is why I say that Chinese capitalism will defeat American capitalism.

via Wealthy Philippine Chinese community makes Aquino speak about peace « China Daily Mail.

What a novel idea. Spread American Capitalism through out the world by creating American communities abroad. It’s a wonder other successful and powerful countries through-out history hasn’t tried something similar.

But the author has a good point. It doesn’t matter if that Chinese community is in Pakistan, Iraq, or the Philippines, their wealth has made them a power to be reckoned with for the leaders of the host country, while the American’s living in places like the Philippines are living with the populace.

The difference then, the Chinese are building a connection with people in the host country that is neither close in feelings nor deep in history. The Americans, at least the ones I am familiar with are building a connection that is close in feelings and growing deeper in history.

I think history has taught most countries that what the author refers to as “Chinese Capitalism” is a connection more likely for war than peace.

Apparently the author suggests that it is up to the peaceful leaders of China to continue Chinese Capitalism in a peaceful manner. I am sure the leaders of China will bring the agenda for peace forward, because they know that war is not really sustainable for their Capitalistic communities in other countries. After war, if the Chinese are successful, the Capitalistic communities will become the leaders of the host nations, and the communities will become sustainable.

Unfortunately for the Chinese leaders, all the people in the host countries get a vote in peace. History has also taught us that without a relationship between people both close and deep, a country is ripe for conflict, and conflict is not something that the Chinese leaders can tolerate. It is then up to the leaders of the host country to control conflict.

With much of the wealth of its nation neither close nor deep with the majority of the people of the nation, the leaders of the host country the Philippines have a hard task indeed.

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