Search Engine Friendly URL

Relevant Anchor Text

Anchor Text refers to text that appears in the links. Below is an example of anchor text code:

anchor text link

The perspective of search engine marketing is always favorable to the anchor text, it contains the terms and keywords that are highly relevant to the document. The following example illustrates this concept:

Antonio Banderas

click here

And here is what the Search Engines see:

Experiments have shown that all links have value, but the links with highly relevant anchor text can give a push or extra boost in traffic for the term that has been used by the anchor. In this case the vote is not just a generic point, rather, is a very specific keyword that is used in the anchor text. ↑

In other words, anchor text is quick to Orientation. I am guessing, even quicker than tags. Tags are useful in the web site’s Orientation, but the web itself has move past them.

via Back Links.

So if you are not looking for a push, a Search Engine Friendly URL doesn’t have much use to you. However, because all change cost money, all corporations are actually behind the technology curve, by what I have found to be approximately 2 years.

To be honest, I have pulled the amount of time corporations are behind out of my ass (no pun intended), but the time I assigned is based on how far behind everyone seemed to be in training, when I attended Mount Hood Community College. In technology (AutoCAD), I was accomplishing in an hour, what our teachers were requiring to be accomplished in a week (which gave me more time to study physics, ha!). And after looking on the web at the classes offered by on-line universities, Mount Hood Community College seemed ahead of the curve by at least one release of AutoCAD.

As long as you got good friends, don’t worry about it. Your web site will flourish because your best friend is, as an example, the Secretary of State of The USA. However, if you want to reach others who don’t know you are even alive, you might want to think about how you want to handle change.

A “push” represents a distance with an exponent (not deep) combined with time (close) also with an exponent. The exponent in distance is how close to the ‘surface” you run, while the exponent in time ( the distance you cover in the gap between Decision and Act) is how “quick”  you cover that shallow surface.

As TPMB says, look-out! for those exponents. A push represents change that corporations might what to get behind.

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