On Cats and Dogs

Cats love structure–Dogs love to see what’s inside all that structure, in other words, culture. That’s why dogs have those teeth and nails structured as they are. They are structured for biting or digging into something, which means at our house, at times, it is the cat who he digs-on .

As my brother-in-law Chuck said, “the dog’s nose is his greatest asset.” It might be a stretch to say that a dog could smell the blood inside you, but if he could, there must be something powerful holding him back, if he, structural-wise, was built for biting or digging into you.

But the dog doesn’t actually bite our kitty. I think he knows it would be foolish, as the cat will always be bigger than he is, and we keep working on him to go easy, when playing with her.

The dog (puppy) does pull a little hair, but, to a cat, a little hair pulling is nothing. If something doesn’t penetrate the cat’s quick healing skin, then they are up with that.

We keep after the dog to stop pulling her hair and pawing at her, but, to a cat, a little touch that isn’t painful is good. Cats are structured for pain, both in giving and receiving pain.

While dogs are built for entering a structure–cats are built to grab. In the process of grabbing, someone always gets hurt. The cat’s bite is built for grabbing and holding, and not for ripping into something, like a dog’s bite. You only have to get nailed once by a cat’s claw to know what they are all about, pain!

The love between the cat and dog: the cat appreciates the lack of pain when connecting with the dog–the dog likes getting the cat to go through the process of surviving under his strategy.

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