Higgs boson – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to this theory, other elementary particles obtain mass by interacting with the Higgs field which has non-zero strength everywhere,

via Higgs boson – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A non-zero sum strength means that, of all the forces, within any area of the universe, there always exist an extra force that has no force pushing against or pulling it in attraction. So instead of a zero, we have a 1,which is kinda cool in binary language.

But what is really significant:  to me, Higgs boson means that, while there is no outside limits to the universe, there is a center. Of course that is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Awhile back, I mentioned that one center seems ( unlike what we found in Iraq) to be in Afghanistan. Iraq was mostly about a civil war, and we became mostly “traffic cops” directing traffic through a bad piece of history.

But in Afghanistan, in the context of a non-zero sum, there seems to be a center of a religious movement left-over.

I guess, in the context of the Higgs boson, the question that needs to be asked in Afghanistan: is the center heaven or hell?

So where is the center of your universe, and what does it look like?

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