Higg’s bosom

A non-zero sum strength means that, of all the forces, within any area of the universe, there always exist an extra force that has no force pushing against or pulling it in attraction. So instead of a zero, we have a 1,which is kinda cool in binary language.

Higgs boson – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | The Image.

Sometimes, and I can’t stand to do it very often, I read an old post of mine and wonder, what in the hell was I thinking?

Usually with concentration and a line-by-line examination, to gain some context, I can say, “Oh, I see where I was going to or coming from in this post.”

I wish I could say that 100% of the time, but I think there were some posts that I just gave up on. I can only think how bazzar some of my posts look, after Google has translated it into a foreign language.

The above paragraph in quotes is different. I understand exactly what I meant, and I think it is true, but I am not sure it is true in the way I meant (sigh).

I knew, when I wrote it, that I was substituting “non-zero sum forces” in place of the “non-zero sum strength”, as written in Wikipedia. I made the assumption, in my mind, that, while different, force and strength in this context could mean one and the same. In other words, while I recognized that force and strength had different meanings (I need to look this up), in my post I made the assumption that I could substitute “force” for “strength” and say there was a “force” leftover. What I meant to say was that there was a strength “leftover”.

You see, in a non-zero sum force, all the forces don’t cancel every other force out, and there is movement, there is nothing “leftover”, it distributes the mass in the direction of force, if there is space for the mass.

In a non-zero sum strength, the strength of all the fields, in time and space, don’t cancel each other out, but there is no movement even if there is space. That is because the non-zero sum strength is holding it all together, which I think that is exactly what the Higgs boson particle is telling us.

The field represented by the Higgs boson particle is a field consisting of moments of inertia’s, into  a number of dimensions (Heaven? Hell?) that are keeping all the dimensions in place, by the maximum potential of the dimensions at zero velocity, the exact opposite of achieving the speed of light.

While E=mc^2 (energy as an area at the speed of light with no mass [or at least mass is all-inclusive]), the field represented by the Higgs boson is expressed as 1 (Hb=1).

Of course as I read this I have to say to myself, “What the hell did I just say”? 🙂

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