Harry Reid: Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years

Sen. Reid recalled a phone conversation he had with an unnamed investor in Bain Capital, who Sen. Reid quoted as saying, “Harry, he didn’t pay any taxes for ten years.”

via Harry Reid: Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years | The Capitol Column.

Yeah, it was someone from “Bain Capital” who told Reid that Romney hadn’t paid taxes in 10 years, wink, wink.

I am thinking that with Reid’s affiliation with Romney’s church that he should already knows what Romney paid in taxes.

I was told by an ex-Mormon once that the Church keeps pretty close eye on a person’s income. While my friend was no longer affiliated with Romney’s Church, I can think of no reason why he would lie. In fact, knowing my friend, I have a hunch it was the money part of the reason that he quit the Church.

Then again I am not sure it matters that someone from Bain told him or not. The question might be why would he use his position, as Senate Leader, to destroy Romney, if this kind of information matters to the voters?

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