Japan carmakers to cut China production by half

Nissan will suspend the night shift at its passenger car factories in China and operate only during the day, the business daily said. Nissan has two passenger car factories in China, in Huadu and Zhengzhou, with two lines each. A Nissan spokesman declined to confirm the report.

The above quote explains why there will not be war between China and Japan. This “invasion” of the Japanese, unlike last time, is peaceful. While there is a small command force of Japanese, I presume, the people of China are the working force in Japanese factories located in China.

This means the Chinese are in control of the factories, while the Japanese commands them. Without this system of Chinese and Japanese, the structure of the factory will be destroyed, favoring no one.

In the above quote, the Japanese are politely reminding those in control, of the factory and, indirectly, those in command, of China, this fact. While the Chinese are perfectly able to tear down this structure, and take command as well as control of the factories that the workers work in, what you will end up with is, as the destructruction by U.S. forces of Iraq’s structure showed, civil war.

While the Chinese have a large enough and willing enough force to handle a civil war, it should be noted that this war will be on Chinese soil, and fought by Chinese.

If my theory that all war is about economic considerations and fought by people with little economic considerations (as we saw in Tunisia and the start of the Arab Spring) I don’t see civil war in China as something anyone wants.

As there are now more people with economic considerations in China, than when the Japanese were first there not too many generations before, there are more people to vote with their feet, than with their hands.

Especially if that hand is holding a gun.

via Japan carmakers to cut China production by half « China Daily Mail.

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