Facebook: The antisocial network branded ‘disingenuous and immoral’

Facebook was accused last night of “disingenuous and immoral” tax avoidance after a new analysis of its UK business suggested the social networking giant paid just £238,000 in corporation tax in Britain last year.

I don’t remember Facebook ever claiming that they were not evil.

Of course most people are disingenuous when they post on Facebook. I think it is natural in this environment to “rate” (the source algorithm of Facebook) yourself higher than your “friends”.

As for immorality, it has been estimated that the average Facebook user gives out approximately $4500.00 worth of information to the platform.

So I would say yes, there is a form of  immorality to Facebook, and it is simply showing up as a refusal to support the culture that is supporting the structure called Facebook. If you want truth and no ambiguity you would form your own blog 🙂

Ireland? Ha!

I think Freud would agree that Ireland has never been big on Orientation.

Sometimes payback is a bitch.

via Facebook: The antisocial network branded ‘disingenuous and immoral’ – Business News – Business – The Independent.

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