TSA on the Quick and Cheap

SCMP report: “Following the ill fate of taxis and fruit knives, toy planes in Beijing are also facing a crackdown ahead of the 18th party congress.

The title of the SCMP reports should read, “The Chineses show Mitt’s team how to do it”.

“It” is the protection of a segment of a society that is terrified, and has a  strategy that says countrywide:  screw everyone else, protect those who matter, in the cities that matter.

I’m not saying that the 53% don’t matter. I am just saying that they are a long ways from being  job creators, so don’t look for too much help from a “new” and “approved” TSA.

Without much help from Washington, we may need to start relying more on the help of our own National Guard. They can provide mission-based security that private contractors can only dream of.

I mean who are those in Washington; job creators or job takers?

As it is, they are a little bit of both.

via China: Ridiculous security measures for 18th party congress « China Daily Mail.

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