The Republican Party: A Strategic View

The Republican Party needs to change it’s current course or lose the game[as the Democratic Party are doing].

I mean that is it, you think the Democrats are losing?

Impressive! That is some Strategy. No wonder the Republican base seem so terrified. To think the “other side” is losing the fight for your country’s advantage to a outside power is pretty scary. However, one advantage this country always had, is its ability to hold just one more hard fought battle.

That is probably one of the reasons I don’t make a very good pundit. I don’t think either side is “losing”, but I do think there is a problem that neither side makes the other better.

This “problem” is probably as much a structural problem as cultural. When the Dixiecrats culturally left the Democratic Party it couldn’t take much of its structure with it, because most of the structure was built in the South base on the New Testament  and the Republican party is more the party of the North. I am not sure which Testament the North follows, but its platform was built with the notion of forming a union of states. I suppose the North was more “Constitutional” by nature, than the South.

So much of the South’s structure of the New Testament stayed with the Democratic Party, as a cultural idea or icon.

On the other hand, when the Dixiecrats entered the Republican Party there was really no structure to hold them, so they built their structure into the planks of the Republican Party platform, a structure designed to carry the whole party and not just the southern culture. This became a cultural problem for the “northern” Republican Party, but it didn’t have to “evolve” much to welcome in the southern culture.

This revolutionary change in his Party’s platform may have been something to worry Abraham Lincoln. At the time of the formation of the Republican Party, Lincoln was trying to take that “individualism” out of the Party, isolate the Confederacy, and form a Union of states–his strategy of war.

Now, with the structural  problem caused by the leaving of the “blue” team out of the Democratic Party and the cultural problem of turning the Dixicrats “red” –the two party’s are broken. The Republicans and Democrats don’t make either one better, which they could if they were in competition with each other and the outside world, instead of war.

This strategy (really for both parties) became more an image of terror and fear than competition. There is no longer an incumbent and insurgency relationship between the two parties, in which the two parties are aligned perpendicular to each other instead of against. Now there is just a gap between the two parties in which a war is being fought.

This war is an internal “civil war”, in which one party is neither trying to win nor lose, but just destroy the other party. To do this they have to make war with the outside world, and let the other side lose it.

This “losing” is something neither side really wants, which, so far, has kept this world from nuclear war. The strategy is: if either side actually “lost”, there are always the nukes!

Let’s hope that, which neither side wants, keeps nuclear war just before the hour. With a “civil war” raging internally, externally these next four years could be hell, with no end in sight.

I think the re-election of Obama could be a start to that end. How it actually plays out is anyone’s guess.

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