On Structure and Culture

Consider for a moment another possibility:  The Right may be a minority.

When talking about the Right and Left, the narrative is really about structure and not culture. If the Right was a minority, then those structured like the Right would not  have shown up so well at the polling places. As it was, I think the Right had a large turn out.

Although wars have been fought between the Right and Left because of cultural matters, the real difference between the Right and Left is how their Orientations are structured.

The Right has one vertical component of command that Acts like a normalizing force between the two or more horizontal forces of control. The control is needed between the Liberal forces trying to generate diversity and the Conservatives forces trying to enforce conformity withing the movement to the Right.

This Normalizing command force keeps the horizontal control forces of Conservatism and Liberalism together without burning themselves up in a war of culture .

On the Right, war is best fought between structures, as a novel idea affects the friction between the Conservative and Liberal forces within the movement. A war between the cultures of the Conservative and Liberal components on the right can destroy the friction between components, through the destruction of the Normalizing force. Once the Normalizing force is destroyed  so is the structure of the movement to the Right.

Structurally, the Left has no Normalizing force, but does have two forces perpendicular to each other that, through gaming, try to normalize each other out. The way these forces work: as one grows bigger in magnitude it changes the direction of both forces. War ends as neither wants to go in that direction.

The first perpendicular structural force on the Left is the one that forms a component I call the command force. The command force is a Conservative force that enforces conformity in the movement to the Left. The second structural force on the Left is what I call the control force. The control force is a horizontal Liberal force that tries to generate diversity within the movement to the Left. The Liberal force generates diversity up to and including a novel idea.

On the Left, war is best fought culturally between the Liberal and Conservative components as a novel idea takes hold inside the movement to the Left. Because there is no Normalizing force in the structure of the Left, structural wars are particularly destructive. On the Left there is no Normalizing force that can hold components in friction, and in movements with a Normalizing force, it is the Normalizing force that hold structures together.

It’s when there is a novel idea that war happens between the command and control forces of any movement. With war there is a change in magnitude of either the Liberal or Conservative forces, and it affects the structures of the Right and Left differently.

In the Right, the novel idea (novel to the Normalizing force) destroys the friction between the command and control forces, and structural damage can be the outcome. This damage can come with the destruction of the Normalizing force, as the Normalizing force destructs/constructs the novel idea. It is the Normalizing force that is holding everything together.

With war on the Left, the novel idea increases or decreases the magnitude of one component of the command and control structure. Because of the nature of the command and control force, the novel idea affects each differently. The outcome of this “structural” war on the Left is a movement to the Right, if either force “wins”. This change in direction of the Left towards the Right takes place without the Normalizing force found on the Right.

The war on the Left is then decided on the question: do both want to go there (to the Right)? If they do, the command and control forces become opposing forces (moving in the same direction) instead of perpendicular forces moving to the Left.  They become destructive force, because there is no normalizing force that enables them to move in the same structure, but in different directions. The Left can be destroyed, as the command and control structural forces of the Left become at odds with each other because of the novel idea, and because of the absence of a normalizing force, without friction.

Two forces can’t be in the same structure unless there is friction between them or they are perpendicular to each other, the two defining characteristics of the Right and Left.

With the election of Obama, I don’t see the country changing directions much, so I would guess that the Right is still a majority, as things haven’t started to burn up with friction, as we lose our Normalizing force.

Except of course the climate, and where is the friction in that?

As Sandy showed and New York may disagree, it’s harder to completely drown a whole world than to make it grow hotter.

Now we just need to figure out: is Sandy an Act of God, or created by man 🙂

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8 thoughts on “On Structure and Culture

  1. I’m more inclined to view both the Right and the Left as tiny minorities, with the vast number of voters not falling so much between those extremes as being ambivalent about conservatism and liberalism from general policy perspectives and not ideologies. (I.e., disentangling “Right” and “Left” which are as much about ideology and identity politics from “conservative” and “liberal” which are more policy oriented or grounded, in theory, in pragmatics.)

    • “I’m more inclined to view both the Right and the Left as tiny minorities”

      True enough, but if an OODA loop is actually a sine wave,as I believe it is, then the Right and Left could be at opposite ends of the potential, and zero (where everyone else is) is not the medium of the distribution, but 70% (square root of 2?) of the potential is. Which to me this is just another way of saying that it is easy for the “wave” to “tip” either direction with both minorities at a great potential.

      “(I.e., disentangling “Right” and “Left” which are as much about ideology and identity politics ”

      Exactly, “identity” as in structure of the Right and Left, icon, etc….–Conservative and Liberal as “policy oriented”, or in other words, forces that are perpendicular to each other in a culture, somehow having to “get along” by some logic (SCADA).

  2. Addendum: Some of the confusion for the Right is that they equate “conservative” with “Right” and don’t see that the putative conservative-leaning electorate are not actually leaning “Right.”

    • Right; the structure is not there, but the culture of enforcing conformity in a time of war is.

      But “you” tell that to the Republican base, and, with the structure still in place, from when the Dixiecrats left the Democratic Party, the Democrats wouldn’t know what you are talking about.

    • I agree. The Republican Party was never particular to the New Testament until it was put into their platform by the Dixiecrats.

      A platform is something to stand on, but it takes a vertical force to create a structure over the platform, so the Republican Party is at war with itself.

      Likewise, that New Testament structure of the Right remains in the structure of the Democratic Party, if not in their platform as we saw at the convention, then in the walls their churches.

      Even though the Dixiecrats took their culture and went home (that “home” being the Republican Party), much of the structure of the Democratic Party is built on their culture.

      So in summary I would say: It’s not that Obama is Christian, it’s, “God Damn”, he’s Christian, and the Republican’s haven’t a clue, because he is not in their church.

      He’s church is probably structured more like the one Dixiecrats go to.

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