South Korea mulls importing Iron Dome

The offer is partly because of the threat to South Korea from North Korean missiles.

I am sure it is. It is also a way for the game between North and South Korea to D/C ( Destruct and Construct its OODA loop).

The North and South Korea have been gaming each other for years, and the players have the game pretty much in hand. But structuring a wall between the two, with the use of a missile defense, changes the game.

The front between the North and South is clearly defined, but this new structure Acts as a fog that covers the front, and makes the players Act differently.

Look for a whole new game to take place and billions of dollars flow into the region to upgrade the rule-sets. Look for the “reciprocal procurements” to add billions to the region’s economy.

All war is about economic considerations, and fought by people with little economic considerations.

via South Korea mulls importing Iron Dome – Globes.

One thought on “South Korea mulls importing Iron Dome

  1. News flash: Congressional Republicans make sure the US taxpayers pay the extra billions Iron Dome brings to North and South Korea, in the interest of national security.

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