Updated Facility Office Grows Secret USAF Role

The RCO’s patch carries a Latin motto, translated as “doing God’s work with other people’s money,” which points to a funding model that involves connecting the end user—the combat command or intelligence agency that can direct the budget, typically the CIA—with the technology.

The Liberal Right are religious fundamentalists. Most of these people start out Liberal, generating diversity, but in time they move towards enforcing the conformity of Right.

The Liberal Right are the people behind these kinds of organizations (RCO). At least that is what I believe. I have heard the words, “doing God’s work”, spoken by those in charge of the Iraqi war, to take their meaning lightly or at anything less than literal.

There is an old saying: “Conservative when young, you have no heart–Liberal when old, you have no head.

Someone who claims to be Right and Liberal has the heart of a young religious fundamentalist–as they get older they develop the mind of one.

It is also  my belief that Mitt Romney was one of these people of the Liberal Right.

He was developing into a God (religious fundamentalist), as his religious dogma promised, and I am not sure that we, the American Taxpayers, needed another God. George W Bush was enough, in his Crusade against Islam.

Like wise, conformity (in what we believe) has taken us as far as it is going to take us, in its enforcement.

To me this last election was pretty scary stuff. In the age of  a nuclear holocaust, I think we bit the bullet on this one. If the Republicans keep producing these kinds of candidates, i.e., Liberals on the religious Right,  I am not sure there is much chance for the survival of our world.  Heaven help us, sooner or later one will take, much like GWB.

As we get older and pass this world on to another generation, I guess we can always say, “better luck next time.”


via Updated Facility Office Grows Secret USAF Role.

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