The War

What defines a distributed network is the ability to extract any node without cutting off any other, which means no node can filter information on its own.

I don’t believe, at least for inside the US, that the war we are fighting today is between the Conservatives and Liberals, it’s between the Left and Right. The above quote shows why this is.

The Right and Left denotes what kind of structure a society has built. A distributed network is structured as the Left.

The Left’s structure creates little friction, but what there is distributes itself  throughout the network.

In a Leftist structure, people mainly just butt heads and go on about their business. This produces heat, but there is no normalizing force controlling the heat, like there is in a society structured as the Right.

So basically in America, the Right is using its resources to build Leftists networks. As the networks gets bigger, the Right shrinks.

The “war” in America is not a culture war between Conservatives and Liberals, but a structure war, as the Right fights itself using its culture, as the Right builds P2P networks.

via The P2P mode of production.

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