As the US prepares to go toe-to-toe with the Chinese in the Pacific, it is best we all learn how to be Chinese, and understand why the Philippines might prefer aligning themselves with the Japanese instead of the Chinese.


China Daily Mail

A complete guide on how to be a Chinese

I was talking to my boyfriend about how I liked my new life in the UK and the roasted, boiled, mashed and baked beans. “I feel like an English”, I said .

“That is good,” he said. My boyfriend, an Australian, spent the last 12 years living in four different foreign countries including China. “ A foreigner could never feel like that in China.”

It was not the first time I heard about this opinion. Last month, Mark Kitto, an English who once fought on the frontline of free speech and political freedom in China for more than ten years, wrote an article titled you’ll never be Chinese, before he left/ fled out of the country:

 A China that leads the world will not offer the chance to be Chinese, because it is impossible to become…

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