Sow wind, reap whirlwind

But the Lord was not in the wind — it might be nice if the evangelists of righteous doom would remember that verse, before they inform us that a hurricane like Sandy is simply God reproving Cuba, Haiti and the eastern seaboard of the United States!

The Lord may not be in the whirlwind, but the US is. The evangelists should also understand that we are not doing Gods work in Yemen, or any other Muslim country, we are doing the work of the US.

If Islam can’t protect its citizens in a Muslim country like Yemen, then they need to pay compensation to the people that are killed in the nation that the US has attacked. The US is creating a whirlwind in a country that only Muslims can put right. We are not sowing seeds in the wind, just eliminating those we feel threaten the nation of the U.S.A.

That is really the strategy of the US in Yemen; stir things up and let  Islam put things back as it should be.

Yemen is a Muslim country and the Muslims are Orienting themselves according to Islam. If the nation of Yemen, a Muslim nation under the protection of Islam, can’t protect its citizens then it is Islam, under whomsoever control, to put it right. If Al Qaeda wants to step-up and put things right, then let them create a nation of Yemen worthy of Islam.

George W. Bush is gone, and so are his henchmen of the Crusade. Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen are Muslim nations, and the US is not occupying KSA, as far as I know. Islam is safe, but its culture is torn by war and needs to be put back together.

The Muslim nations of the Middle East must conduct themselves according to Islam. If they don’t like their citizens being killed, then they must stop the killing. If they can’t stop the killing, then they must compensate their citizens.

The US is moving on in a whirlwind.

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