Softpower vs Hardpower

Let’s start with the concept of power itself. Nye’s definition agrees with the realist Weberian definition of power, that being “the probability that one actor within a social relationship will be able to carry out their own will despite resistance”.

Soft Power is defined by Nye as:

“the ability to get what you want through attraction rather than coercion or payments. It arises from the attractiveness of a country’s culture, political ideals, and policies. When our policies are seen as legitimate in the eyes of others, our soft power is enhanced.”

There is no coercion in Softpower? Ha, if that was so, Softpower would make things a lot easier, instead of more complex. No, plenty of coercion in Softpower, and we are making payments all the time.

Nye gets his math wrong, but pretty good article.

via MilPub: Soft Power, A Strategic Theory Perspective.

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